Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sweet Answers

I have realized something. I no longer wake up in the morning and sigh in amazement from the fact that I am in Italy.

That needs to change.

Today helped. This past week I was the sickest I can remember ever being. Everything hitting at once! WARNING TMI IN THIS NEXT PART: It was even the first day of the time of the month when mother nature likes to remind me that I can give birth.... Oh am I PREPARED AFTER THAT!!!) I was puking, headache, felt like I had just ran a marathon and my knees burned like they were trying to remove themselves from my body. I couldn't cry I was in so much pain! On top of all this I had to make -- what I thought at the moment -- a critical career choice.

Knitwear or sportswear.

What's the difference one might ask... well one has to do with all fabrics woven (and Jersey) the other with all fabrics non-woven. So I decided I'm going to grow up to be a typical cat lady. I'm thinking like 30 cats give or take a few... depends might not need to replace any if we get hover crafts by the year 2044. So yeah, I chose Knitwear. I like it though. I hope to take a new spin on math with it, that's something to remind myself: The constant obsession with fashion DOES NOT, IN FACT, DESTROY BRAIN CELLS!!! I was planning to go into sportswear after going to ISPO in Munich and meeting the people behind some of the biggest snowboard brands. Now..... I'm thinking maybe some hats? Everyone likes a good knitted hat....

Armani... sportswear.... dior.... sportswear....prada... yup you guessed it! SPORTSWEAR! oh well I'm going to try to be different for "once" and do something that scares the crap out of me. So back to the story....

I was sick, blah blah blah. Had a choice, blah blah blah... decided on knitwear blah blah blah.... woe is me.

There is this other stress that has been getting to me a lot and it's near the end of the month and oh so close to the end of my budget. I feel like many can relate to this one. Having only a couple of dollars in your pocket and wondering if you print out that project or eat... yeah. It was one of those weekends too. I was happy at least to know that throwing up made my hunger go away... go figure. I have all kinds of new insights on the term "starving artist."

Today was the first day I actually ate (since Sunday). The cute little old lady I live with (Ana), was kind enough to let me eat the rice she had made the other day. It was SOOO GOOD!!

I went to school around 1:00, and since I'm on winter break and got nothing better to do, I decided to knit a scarf.  It was extremely ugly, but fun to make! The Lab closes at 6:00 so after finishing the scarf, I bought paper for my project (a 9 euro hole in my pocket that could have been tuna and crackers for a couple days) and prayed on the way to the printing place that I would still have enough money for the rest of the week.

I have printed at the same two places the whole time I have been in Milan (one is a friend from church and the other is nearer to school). The print store SEF to be exact, printed my pages and the guy said I could take them free of charge since there were only a few. I am pretty sure my jaw dropped. He has done this with another project of mine... but that one was a 30 euro final project that he said I could just pay whenever.

I left the printers in shock, feeling very blessed. Did the blessings stop, no. When I got home I took out my pasta and started cooking when my Church Family (I have adopted them since they love to feed me 5 kilos of food because I don't know how I gained that much weight haha) called me up and invited me over to dinner. I kindly declined, but within a few minutes the doorbell rang and Valentina (The Mom) showed up with two sacks full of groceries. A sweet lady (Teresa) from my church had bought them for me. Knowing how much stuff costs here...  That must have cost a lot.

a container of Nutella
tuna fish
a loaf of sandwich bread
Breakfast Cakes (one of the things that Italians LOVE)
three cans of corn
a bag of salad greens
a pre-made soup mix (for two)
My favorite Italian style meat
Cream cheese
Cheese only made in Italy and is the BEST with tuna fish and crackers
A box of cereal
And three dark chocolate Kit-Kat bars!

It was Christmas all over again! And I could almost hear Heavenly Father saying.... "Hey, I'm here. And there are people who love you dearly. " 

After feeling so physically sick (and mentally exhausted from this last semester) this was a true lift to my spirits. Women who impress me are the ones that have a keen eye and can notice when someone needs help. I hope to embody that trait someday. After the many rich blessings I have been given... isn't it my duty to pay it forward?

Oh charity your expression is infinite in the heart of a receiver.

I have been so extremely blessed this year, and can't show it enough how thankful I am for a Loving Heavenly Father! No matter how many stupid choices I have made... I am still being blessed everyday with breath. So tomorrow, I will wake up and say to myself, "WOW! I AM IN ITALY! What a great blessing that is."

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