Saturday, February 15, 2014

Its been a while...

It is weird, being back, I mean. Waking up to church bells, being surrounded by clown cars (and the occasional random jeep or other 'monster' sized car), and getting harrassed by foreigners, yet I feeling oddly back in my comfort zone.

New York was amazing! I met fantastic people from all walks of life! 

School was difficult, and so was work.
Fulltime student and part-time job with hours of a full time employee; that made life really hard. 

But I learned so much from my job. And the people there! Shout out to my Allsaints family! Thanks for surviving my bossy side! It was there that I learned the meaning of teamwork. If everyone ain't working we all leavin' at one... Right?? 

I was living in Harlem for the second semester, right off the 1 train up on 25th.
It was there that I saw the secret life of Walter  Mitty being filmed (got a glimps of Ben Stiller!) but I never called or will ever call that place home. I don't think my roomates liked the fact that i would get home anywhere between 3-6 in the morning just to shower take a nap and start again. But its not like I wanted to... I like sleep, a lot!

My major is not one where you simply read from a book to study for a test... No. For one class you must read, write notes (pray those notes make sense), make a mock version of the test, preform the test through application of acquired skills then present a project with 'inspiration' and sketches. That, that is just the final... But we did that almost 3 or 4 times a semester... For only one class.

Time? Yeah, not my best friend at the moment. But this blog isnt about my life in New York... Its about Italy.

So now comes the quick over view of this semester....

It came and went.

Okay okay so my focus for this semester was knitwear design.... That threw me for a loop... Haha pun!

I had some really amazing professors this semester but that doesn't surprise me. Here in Italy I get teachers from all over the world that LOVE to teach! Not just people who wound up in New York couldn't find a job so wound up teaching and hold such a strong grudge that it is their purpose in life to make sure you feel worthless. (No comas intended) The professors here are in fact...  First Class!

At the moment I am on my winter break... Yea in February and for only two weeks. But... IMMM BACKKK!

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