Tuesday, June 12, 2012

coming home....?

My mom once promised that if I ever left for college that I would always have a room in the house, because when she left for college her room was turned into a storage area or something of the sort.

Well....  my bedroom wasn't really turned into an exercise room or home theater room or storage area or sewing room... nope it was just given to one of my sisters. Having a house with only 4 bedroom... two sisters have to share, inevitable.

So I arrived home... after a long 10 months in Italy. Yeah I was expecting a bed or area cleared for me so I could "move in" for the summer... but I came home to: "well you can sleep on the couch or share with hunter (who took your old bed and turned it into a king-sized bed)."... I opted for King sized (even though hunter's alarm would go off at 5 and she wouldn't hear it for about half an hour)... it was weird being home the first day. Almost seemed like everyone was more excited for the presents than the person coming home... but I can't blame them. I was the same way when my dad used to go on  business trips.

Well after a week of kinda waiting around for a place to put my newly acquired art crap... I kinda just had a freak out moment and took the extra bed from hunter's room and moved in with Kelsham my youngest sister. and just shoved all my stuff into a cubby underneath a makeshift desk in her room.

Kelsham has found that reading is a little bit harder for her... it has been fun, instead of the usual bedtime stories, to get her to read to me before bed. She even went to the extent of Reading the Book of Mormon before bed... her choice...  I asked her after she read a couple versus what it meant. She replied, "I don't know I was trying to hard to read it." I laughted to myself and said, "Don't worry, it's not just you." She also kindly reminds me that we need to pray before bed and then forces me to say the  prayer. It's been fun sharing a room with her... although I'm sure she loves the fact that if she makes a mess, i'll clean it up, more than having a big sister to fight away the monsters at night.

I still don't have hangers... so my clothes are kinda just sitting in an organized pile on the floor. Ahhh wrinkles... how depressing you are... ha ha ha

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