Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome home.....

Have you ever stepped into heaven? If you are reading this I know you're alive so I don't think you have, but I'm sure you have felt what it is like to find heaven on earth. I've experience this feeling many times, either when I see a beautiful view, hear a sweet tune, study religion, etc. Often it can be hard to find a heaven on earth when you feel like you're stuck in a purgatory called "no heating or lighting."

So what is a home? Isn't it a place you go to seek refuge from the world and all the people in it? Isn't it supposed to be full of love and laughter? I have slowly found that while I have been in Italy, none of the previous have seemed to exist... I often would dread coming home knowing I didn't have a place were I could study (and do it efficiently) and didn't have certain things that I was so used to having in America. Slowly my level of work started to drop and I could see that with this my desire to do my best in all aspects started to fade.... and that's when, it happened.

I had a feeling one day at church... almost equivalent to that feeling one gets right before they go up to talk in front of the congregation and testify of what they know. I was counting the seconds until church would be over as I gripped the edge of my chair. As soon as the final prayer was over and the Bishopric removed themselves... I jumped up. I don't know how else to explain it but I just kinda walked up to this lovely lady, asked if she was still looking for someone to live with her. She said yes and I said I'd like to come look at her home....

That night I visited her home, She showed me around, we talked and drank hot coco... Apart from the many English quotes, religious pictures and beautiful objects that filled this woman's home, she had a piano!!! Oh how I have longed to sit at a piano again! It's been two very very long years since I've had a piano that close! But I do have to say that the best thing that was in that home, was her... she is kind, loving and agreeable and I couldn't be more thankful for her charity in opening up her home.

The next few months are going to fly by!!! Some days I wished they would go by faster so I can go home, but now the days won't seem so long, now that I've found a place that is the epitome of "Welcome Home."

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