Thursday, January 19, 2012

Murphy Special!!!

So I bet everyone is wondering how my Christmas in Ireland was right?!?! Lets just say it was AMAZING!!!!

To start off Let me introduce the family: The Murphys... aside from having the most common name in Ireland besides Guinness, they are far from ordinary... just put extra right in front and yup that's them. I've known this family for what seems like forever... still remember the first time I met the boys, and visiting everyday after school. They had a giant box of legos and as many Nintendo/GameCube/PlayStation games imaginable! (Go Pokemon!) Coming and seeing them after seven years and finding out that only thing that has changed drastically is the boys now have beards. Grant is the Eldest and was constantly working hard on his 3D animation on the coolest computer I've ever seen... but his stuff is amazing (he did get me into Saints Row 3)! Lorcan the youngest got me addicted to Dark Souls.... yes I freaking love that game.... by the way Lorcan, have you gotten pretty far, did you get the lightning claymore?

I arrived on Christmas-eve and I have to admit I can't remember a whole lot because that previous week I had about 3 hours of sleep per night (I do think we went into Stevens-green and I almost had a shopping breakdown.... Irish fashion... that's where it's at!). The first days were full of traveling and shopping and other exciting adventures. Christmas day I slept past 1... 2nd time in my whole life... Opened a package my mom had sent me and the presents the Murphys had given me, got a lot of fun stuff and in the evening there was a delicious Christmas feast with Turkey and spiced beef and ham and potatoes and other delicious things and a Doctor Who Special that was jaw dropping. That was also the day I got addicted to minced pies... I had at least two everyday while I was there... that's when you know something is sooo good, it's bad. The day after Christmas I was lucky enough to go to an Irish Rugby match because.... A very special someone gave me a very awesome rugby hoodie for Christmas and I was wearing it and someone noticed and asked if I was a Rugby fan... Hmmmm, does knowing the basics, enjoy watching it and having a boyfriend that plays make me a fan??? Idk... I said yes and was invited to watch Leinster vs Ulster match live... Leinster won!!! woot woot it was like 42-13 if I remember correctly. The next exciting event would have to be the pre new years party....

To sum up this party.... one girl... me.... at about 12 guys (give or take) and a whole lot of thunder-ducking.... what,  you ask, is this thunder-ducking??? Honestly...I don't know but to explain what it might be...  the strange phenomenon when an epic game of jenga (33+ pieces up) that defies physics, ends in a mannerist post modernist Impressionistic masterpiece of ... not quite art... art. lets just say we ended up just playing building blocks then talking art.... these were college students and no I was not babysitting. That was a fun night... only one strange and I mean very strange part.... I got proposed too... I can't remember what I said, I think it was something along the lines of star wars or batman and my secret nerdiness.... shhhhh don't tell. when some guy turned to me and said, "were getting married." I said, "sorry I have a boyfriend." he said, "I don't care, we're still getting married. If religion is an issue I'll convert... we're getting married." I just rolled my eyes and tried the best to ignore it.... I'm sure our convo almost went exactly like this...
"What are my chances?
Not good.
You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?
I'd say more like one out of a billion.
So you're telling me there's a chance... *YEAH!*"
Towards the end of the night I casually asked Lorcan what the guys name was... Oh the Irony when he said: Samson K______, or Sam K. for short. I fell off my seat laughing my head off and couldn't get up!!! Lorcan asked why I was laughing and I said... that's my boyfriend's name!!!! really what are the chances... One out of a billion?? When I couldn't handle the guy anymore Lorcan turned to him and said, "Man you're being a totally Grinch..." (go bigbangtheory Christmas Special!) only he didn't quite say Grinch (Thank you Lorcan!).. Day after, Sam K. called and apologized. Apology noted... but marriage is still out off the question.

So other adventurous things... spent about everyday at a pub... quite an experience for an experienced non drinker. New years Eve was awesome!! Fish and chips on a bridge watching fireworks and screaming happy new years at the top of my lungs then going into an Irish pup and singing a pub song and the top of my lungs then realizing... shoot it's 2012... sooooo I've got "12" months to live right.... PARTIEEE!

I saw some amazing sights in Ireland... walked a lot and saw a color green that was greener than anything I had ever seen before. Saw a full rainbow out in the middle of the ocean and stood on a small mountain that over looked a good part of Ireland. Cindy the mom really stepped in for those couple weeks as my proxy mom... she was amazing... we shopped til we dropped even though most of it was inspiration shopping :) and she gave me some wonderful words of wisdom and life lessons. David the dad went from looking like Santa to shaving down his white beard... I did miss the santa look but I enjoyed his company too! He is a brilliant man and I learned sooo much about the history of Ireland and about each place he took me too.

I can not express the gratitude that I have for people to offer me so much with nothing in return. It is hard being a student living on your own and it's a different challenge trying to do it in a new country, but people like the Murphys reminded me that when you come from hostility, hospitality is just that much sweeter. I can't explain how nice it was to not think about making dinner, coming home from a long cold day and getting into bed to find someone having put a hot water bottle under the covers to make sure the bed was nice and warm, having people that wanted to spend time with me.... round-trip to Ireland 75 euro, round-trip bus fair to air port 15 euro.... being with the Murphys... Priceless :) and that was just a quick summary!

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