Sunday, January 15, 2012

hidden betty crocker???

Okay so I had to improvise a bit with the recipe my mom gave me.... I made pancakes yesterday morning with a lot of altering to the recipe half of the ingredient don't exist in Italy.... like vegetable oil... yeah right! I even started making British style eggs and now I have mastered the unmasterable.... I have baked a full on cake..... that's right... and I didn't even mean too! I guess it was just a little experiment of mine :) I used corn oil, less milk some butter and lots more sugar and put in some coco powder and bam!!!! it was a miracle!!! hmm for never having made either pancakes or cake.... I'm quite happy with myself. I do remember the keylime pie I once tried to make some two or three years ago.... sad day. Next I'm gunna try some traditional Italian dishes... maybe even risotto??? Okkkkkay... so yeah I have cooked before... but nothing to this extent! A cake... come on.... I thought I would only have to do that once I had kids and was demanded to do such.... "here have your cake and give mom some piece and quiet." ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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