Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christ said turn the other cheek..... Okay but I keep turning the wrong one!!

Christ said turn the other cheek. Okay but I keep turning the wrong one!!! Italian greetings 101... To the right first! Because everything on the left, ain't a box, it's a mess!
In Italy the common curtsy is to kiss everyone... not like a big tongue lashing - let me finish my last string of spaghetti with you or hey if I was a tulip and you were a tulip I'd put our tulips together~ no no no... just a cheek meets cheek meets other cheek (and not like that... get your mind outta the gutter!)
You want to know what is really really really bad?? When you greet a dude and have his cologne choke you to the point where you can taste it. Seriously if you have to wear that much... maybe you should invest in a shower-- could save you some money so you're not spending all your doe trying create an electron cloud with your cologne!

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