Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where to turn for peace....

I've realized I'm going to stop putting warnings for religious content... and yes this one is based on religion. In the scriptures it said that the hearts of men will fail them in the last days. My roommate was taken to the hospital after passing out after a major panic attack at a church gathering. When they picked her up from the hospital I was there and they dropped us both back at home. It was just the two of us and I could tell she wasn't quite herself. She felt nauseous the whole night and we had a bit of a make shift therapy session that resulted in me rocking her as she cried. For an instant I felt like I was back home with my sisters, listening to their days and trying to help them solve the problems of the world. Sometimes we could solve them and other times only faith and time could provide answers. As I tried to comfort my roommate, I wondered if in the end I will want to be rocked and comforted as I beg to go home to my father. It is discouraging to see that her heart has failed her at this moment in her life. She feels so discouraged and alone, like I'm sure so many of us often feel in life. I tried to remind her that there is purpose to every hardship God gives us, she agreed wholeheartedly and reminded me, "but sometimes it is just so hard." I guess it is during the hard parts when we forget Christ is carrying us. I read her D&C 122.... I hope she listened. Right after this I needed a bit of a spiritual pick me up so I jumped on and found this beautiful video... it was just what I needed after a heart wrenching and discouraging day.

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  1. I'm so glad you have each other! How is your dress turning out? You should post pics!!