Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is it supossed to do that??

No, it's not, to answer a lifelong question. It's kind of like asking, 'will that hurt?’ Yes, yes, it will. Apparently I have discovered that I should stop asking myself these two questions. Reasons? I'm sure everyone has experiences the results for themselves.... but alas I shall go into detail:

I was doing a sewing project early in the semester and had to finish it at home. I pulled out the sewing machine and set the Iron on the counter of the kitchen. I asked my roommate as people came in and out of the kitchen if it took long to warm up. "Yeah, it takes forever; oh you might want to put some water in it." Okay water... So I stop what I'm doing and refill my Brita container and then walk over to the Iron to refill it. I quickly take a strong hold on the Iron and quickly scream with pain. Someone had plugged it in without my knowledge and no, it gets really hot, really fast. So if any of you are asking yourselves, why your mom says don't touch the Iron... take it from me, it might hurt.

Which brings me to my next example... Having toothpaste-d my fingers and then taped them (I looked like a deformed version of lamb-chops) I couldn't really do much with my left hand. Having patternmaking was hard but I endured. One girl was ironing something when she casually asked, 'Do you think if I held the Iron near my face and let out steam it would hurt? Or would it be like a steam treatment?' Instantly the class in unison said, 'Ask Q, she's got plenty of experience with Irons.' She looked at me, I was tempted to say, "No, it's how I keep my face so clean," but instead I just simply held up my fingers.

My first week in Italy, my vital female product broke. Do boys really expect us to get out of the shower and let our hair dry naturally and come out looking like Scarlett Johansson??? Think again. I was blow drying my hair with the blow-dryer my friend had bought for me in Europe, when I suddenly smelled something funny I opened my eyes... sniff sniff.... is that hair? Is that BURNING HAIR??!! I looked down at the hair dryer. 'Oh fuoco.' could have used that thing for roasting marshmallows (or as a nice flame thrower for warding off the Italian men). Flames were coming out of the end of the hairdryer and I’m sure they are not designed to do that! I quickly turned it off and was tempted to chuck it out of the open window but then I imagined some little old lady down below.... yeah I turned on the water and almost put it in the water, but then an episode of Mythbusters popped into my head. Yeah, not your smartest Idea. I turned off the water and just put it in the sink. Checked my hair for damage... none, checked the curtains next to me for damages... none. 'Okay, nothing important is broken.' Yeah right!! I miss my hair dryer.... I miss my non helmet hair, hair; I miss showers in the morning and getting properly ready for the day.... I miss American appliances; I miss MY AMERICAN HAIR DRYER!!!  (Maybe that's why I’ve been so tempted to go bald)....I figured out a good commercial for homeowners insurance. Opening scene, girl blow drying her hair........

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