Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Case of the Sliding Toilet Seat.

Having a broken toilet seat is crappy. ha ha ha ha get it? crappy.... okay I'm gunna slide away from that joke just like the toilet seat's been sliding off the toilet... really can someone just go get a new one already?!?! Okay yes I have given up a couple times and have taken it off and just used toilet paper.... but the toilet paper is crap so guess what? yup it sticks to everything. Oh and does the curtain just have to be broken?? I don't feel like doing a repeat of the gym with the home shower!!

But hey at least it's warm... today. Too bad Italy doesn't turn on heating until NOVEMBER FIRST (if you're lucky...it's November 3nd and I have stone floors). There is no such thing as a warm shower in the morning to wake you up... nope... no warm shower, no privacy.... no stability when sitting on the toilet. I want my American bathroom, and my American toilet seat!!!

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