Sunday, October 9, 2011

Windex commercial.... stupid pigeons

I decided to sit on my porch and do some people watching. I must explain something first. I live on the very very very top of my building and there is a porch that over looks a huge part of Florence. Gating this "porch" in is a nearly invisible netting system made of clear plastic strings. I was watching a bird fly when I started thinking about the Windex commercial involving the two talking birds and the glass door. I thought it would be funny if a bird tried flying into the porch and realized "hey?! I don't remember Windex hurting this much." As I said that to myself, a horrific image came to view... I realized that the netting was covered in feathers!!!!  I was tempted to go see if I could find some bird feed and leave it... just barley out of reach! MawAHha ha ha!! Then collect the feathers and make a dress he he he he he he (not taken from.... live.... animals) Cruella De Vil... yup my mannequin has inspired me.. JK JK JK!!!

I've also decided that Pigeons are annoying. It's like Alfred Hitchcock's movie meets finding Nemo. "Mine? Mine? Mine?" "NO IT'S NOT YOURS!!!" "You suck. You suck. You suck! Watch your back. Watch your back."  One of my friends and I were talking about how annoying these pests can be. They will literately flock around you until you stop eating and then they will go away (It's the pigeon lady from Marry Poppins fault... had too much bird feed). We were eating some pizza and my friend nonchalantly explained that the next pigeon to come into kicking rang was going to get drop kicked (She used to play soccer). All I could imagine was some guy walking down the street when out of nowhere a pigeon lads in front of him pushing up daisies.
It would be even funnier if she kicked it so hard it flew into someone's window.... Stupid Pigeons get your own food.

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