Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ticket_ to_ ride_

You know how Bruno Mars pulled a piano through the streets of the city in his grenade music video, right? I'm sure I had more people react to my Mannequin...

It is hard lugging around a 50+ pound female torso... I can't wheel it on the ground (cobble stones) and if I carry it... in the words of the movie The Holiday "accidental boob graze". It doesn't have arms and the only thing to help me carry it was well... her rack. (I'm thinking about renaming my blog... something like "Inappropriate situations that happen to a conservative in Europe," idk people might think it's about politics)
The first people I ran into were a mom and two little boys. The little boys mouths were wide open and they were staring at "us" and started talking to each other saying "mannequino mannequino!!" I'm sure people thought I was mental. You should have seen the looks people gave me at the bus stop.

When I got on the bus and sat down after validating my Ticket I saw two old ladies look at me say something and then the whole bus was in fits of laughter. No joke... the whole bus. Even the driver. Oh and to top it off the ticket Nazis had stepped on. The guy came over to me laughing his head off. I thought to make things more interesting I would say "my friend has her ticket too would you like to see?" He translated for the whole bus and again a chorus of laughter. I kinda just nodded my head as the whole bus made conversation about me and my Mannequino... non of which I could understand. For all I knew the officer could be saying, "Stupid American doesn't know it's illegal to have mannequins on the bus... should I give her a ticket or should we just make fun of her? I know... let's laugh every time she says something."

I eventually made it home. But I couldn't lift my arms for a full hour after. "Dang for being such a freaking skinny Mannequino you sure can hid the pounds."  Check the photo page for a picture of my Mannequino... OH and I need help naming her... I've named my school one Ms. 57 but I'm going to change it to Cruella Devil.... if she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will.

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