Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Go white girl go white girl go go!

Yeah I lost a bet. Guess what I had to do? Dance in the middle of the busiest street in Florence, right next to the train station. Oh but even better... I had to wear a neon yellow rain jacket. (I thought it was bad enough wearing a red helmet).

So the bet... actually just a game...goes like this: The Mantovane family would pick a verb and whoever's turn it was couldn't know what the verb was. They would use that verb to ask questions that would give hints but replace it with a word like shizzel. The questions Mama Mantovane asked were just sooooo bad! for example:

Do you shizzel in bed? verb was sleep. Do you pull up your skirt when you elka? verb was sit (I then asked do you elka on the toilet and someone asked do you elka on your girlfriend's lap?) see where I'm getting at??? These questions no matter what you did they all sounded soooo crass!

I couldn't figure out what mine was. They asked, what was the first italian word you booya? Do you booya about the kitchen? Do you booya your boyfriend?? miss, no, sing, no, said, no.... what the heck are you guys trying to do???!! I gave up. The Verb was understand... io non capisco... how the crap did they get capisco about the kitchen!!! Cheep.

So I had to dance. They even had the common courtesy to film it... when I saw the video all I could think about was charlies angels and the part when she gets up and starts dancing and they all start chanting go white girl.... Gaby lost too... she had to swing her purse as she sang opera. BeepML

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