Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dinosaurs and Zombies can't talk... but I can... just not in Italian.

Some funny things have happened in just a few days....
The day after I put up my new facebook picture this went down in my nude drawing class:
Our teacher was trying to get us to understand the look of the collar bone when suddenly she tried to explain to the whole class, "That bone right there is a left over from us as humans evolving from Pterodactyls." looks like someone's been watching too much Dinosaur Train on PBS... reptile to mammal?? ssssuuuurrreeee...... Same person that told me to stop eating so I could afford Italy's most expensive paper in order to pass pass her class. She's changed her mind about the paper.....

To a more punny topic:

Me: So how's the Zombie killing going?
Ashley: How'd you know?!?!
Me: I don't know. It's like a COD given sense or something
Ashley: Aw the puns

Friend: I can't get my guy to stop playing video games!!
Me: It's COD's fault.

Friend: I finally think I would be comfortable killing Zombies if the apocalypse happens.
Me: Thank COD for that!

Oh yeah made some COD jokes!! wait... would that be sacrilegious?

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