Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Is It!

No this is not a tribute to Michael Jackson. May he RIP (no more little kids hearts out while they sleep). This is more so a tribute to what I've realized. Today I got home from school to find an empty house. I was all alone. It was hard realizing that my mom is gone. She's not coming back from a random escapade in the heart of Florence. No she is flying home, to my old home. But it's time for me to grow up....

I often wonder if I can do it. I'm on a strict budget, I have about 7-9 hours of class a day, I have to cook for myself, help clean the house and do all my homework and go to church. I feel as if I'm a bird that has been kicked out of the nest without even knowing what I'm supposed to do. Flap? go up?? Fly??? these words just don't make sense.

 My goals for this year are pretty simple: 1. Learn, 2. Grow (not in width) 3. Discover and 4. Become Independent. I don't know where I will end up in the coming years but I hope that everything turns out for the best!

I just drank about 1 1/2pints of water.... Nature calls... and so does Adulthood!

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  1. Quiee :) My friend! I know what you're going through. I had to deal with that about three weeks ago and I'm still dealing with it. It's hard when the mommas leave. But trust me. It's only been three or four weeks but I already feel like I've grown so much. You will begin to realize it too soon enough. You can do this! I promise! There is soo much good waiting to happen to you. It's already happened to me! I love you!