Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A room with a view

Tonight there is a beautiful full moon. When I first saw it creep over the mountains it was a stark shade of red and as it has risen higher in the sky it has morphed into a color of gold that can only be described as the color of the sand on the shores of the Cortez sea. The lights of the city are so bright that not a single star can be seen. The little man in the moon is all alone in a blanket of black. It's quite depressing.

My mom leaves tomorrow.

I woke up to a similar view this morning. The light seeped in through my bedroom window and kindly woke me up to the most amazing sunrise I have ever seen. The sky mimicked a wet wash of pink and orange, and the mountains seemed to turn into a gray silhouette. For some reason I felt like it was a symbol of things to come. "I am under the Tuscan sun!"

There have been many different views I have seen from the security of my bedroom or sitting on the porch overlooking the station. I can people watch as trains, taxis, trans (wow transportation- a lot of T's) and buses come and go. I've seen supped up rides blaring rap and attracting massive crowds. I've seen people getting bounced out of McDonalds. But the worst views so far have been out of my own bedroom... so I like looking out of my bedroom window and looking towards the mountains covered in tiny lights, but it gets kinda hard to look when you see people with their bedroom windows open.... my mom happened to comment, "Is that a dog?" (ha ha ha ha) no it wasn't she came to realize. What is it with people and their BIRTHDAY SUITS!!! Geez!!  have the decency to close your windows! I know it's hot and... okay I guess you have a point. I'd be strutting my birthday suit too if I wasn't so American. But really other than stripping down, please don't do anything before 10:30 :)

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