Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Riding around in an ambulence

My friend got hit by a car...If it sounds weird coming out of my mouth I can't imagine what my friend is going through. "I got hit by a car." Who can actually say that?!?! Well my friend Britt can now say just that. Definitely not something to put on your bucket list.

 So I was minding my own business sitting in the commons area of Baldovinetti when one of my class mates walked in and for some reason she didn't look fazed. In my mind she looked at me and said in a quick voice, Britt was hit by a car. Now rewind freeze and say that again please...a little slower this time... Bbbbrrrrrrrrrrriiitttttttttttt wwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaassss.... okay too slow... Hit by a car. Okay maybe not slow enough. I couldn't help but look at her for a split second and wonder what the heck she was trying to say, but before it registered in my brain I found myself literally sprinting as fast as I could towards where it took place.  When I got there I found my friend sitting on the side of the curb (quite shaken up). I went to her and asked what had happened. I don't know who exactly told me but it went something like this... (including all the exaggerations and he said she saids)

Britt was walking arcoss the street at the same time a car was. The car was facing east so the sun was directly in his eyes. Instead of slowing down or keeping a constant speed, he revved his engine and BAM!!! Britt's shoes flew off (one mysteriously landing over a tall wall about 10 meters away) and she managed to hit her head who knows where and how hard.  Now Britt's a tall girl and lucky in that fact. If she had been hit in the hip I'm sure the results would have been worse, oh and to inform everyone: The campus that we were at for sewing class is adjoined with an elementary school that just started that week (Imagine if a child had been walking).

As we all stood around listing to the story and watching at the Italian man that hit her frantically tried to pull himself together, an ambulance came. I miss America now. I miss the non annoying sirens and the super quick response teams. Watching the EMTs get her into a neck brace, on the stretcher and in the ambulance was like watching the Bacherlorette try to decide who gets the final rose.... takes forever and we're always disappointed with the outcome. They no joke tried 3 different neck braces on her!!! You know she wasn't hit by a car. No she was hit by a plush cute cuddly teddy bear that said "here let me try and dent your skull!" Really!!!

We couldn't get a hold of our program direction and no one wanted to send her alone. I knew I was almost nearly done with my sewing assignment and volunteered to go with her. I was kinda excited, you know have the siren on and drive really fast right?! no.... they drove like monkeys that kept mistaking the brake with the gas. I was ready to ask them if I could drive and then I remembered.... My Italian sucks. I might accidentally say, "Hi, I'm Q and I'm a french hooker."

So we got to the hospital and waited and waited and freakin' waited FOREVER for one doctor to come and look at her. Our program director was even faster than the doctor and she was further away! Our program director is one of the most fashionable ladies I have ever met. She looks exactly like my aunt Michelle (and I think all my aunts are stunningly beautiful!) but dresses like a funkier designer version of my aunt Jen (I've always been envious of my aunt Jen's eco-urban-chic style---they even have a pair of the same shoes!). Anyways besides the point... she got there and I was instantly amazed by her outfit... it was like.... like.... Audry Hepburn meets..... oh forget it! You just can't describe something that is so original! Talk about being in the right profession. When she got there, she kindly thanked me for helping Britt and then called a taxi for me so I could insure the rest of the students that we weren't going to have one less person in class.

Britt and I had a good long talk while we waited. I came to know a bit more about her and it was mildly fun in a very morbid kinda way. We still joke about the idea of telling your friends, "hey guys I was hit by a car." yeah i'd think she was lying too if I hadn't seen the after math.

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