Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My little red helmet

My mom forced me to buy a helmet... not just any helmet... a bright red helmet. I'm sure it can be seen from space. In fact I often wonder if some alien colony somewhere in the great unknown is looking at earth through some mega-telescope searching for specimens to conduct studies on. I'm sure if they looked at Florence they would see some random red dot floating around the streets darting through cars like a Nintendo game (if they know what a Nintendo game is). Warning if I'm found wandering the park just remember... I was abducted by aliens all because my mom forced me to buy a helmet. The only other person in Florence that wears a helmet on a bike is a missionary from Utah.... yeah crazy Utahans....

About being a crazy Utahan.... today we had a "culture workshop" to help us understand Italian stereotypes. The councilor turned to us and told us to write a list of what we had heard about Italians and what we think they think of us. As she went through she gave an example, "Here in Italy we tend to think two different ways about Americans. We think that those from New York or California are very sophisticated but those from small countryside areas like Utah are very uncivilized." The whole room busted into tears because I've already been dully noted as the one random girl, not from the east coast or California, but the "hooligan state of Utah" dang those Mormons and their hooligan ways. Driving ox carts to work and forcing their women to stay at home and clean and make babies... sometimes I think they get us confused with the Amish. No I wear normal clothing and I can listen to music and guess what... I can blog... GASP!!

So not only do I ride a bike with my RED helmet (any mistake on my bike and I'm remembered FOR--EV--ER... be sure to check Italian youtube for "stupid girl in red helmet" posted by the Italian drivers) but I'm from Utah... and I'm the youngest girl at school. Could I standout anymore? Tomorrow I was thinking of wearing a bright neon pink unitard.... that should make quite an impression at fashion school... watch out Lady Gaga, you've got some competition for making statements that are in your face. I should probably get a sticker for my helmet that says, "Sorry I'm from Utah."

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