Saturday, September 10, 2011

Anyone for some Tango?

I don't know how to describe the feeling I get when I'm gliding across the stone floor of the balcony at my new house learning to tango. I guess it's good and bad. It's mostly a mix of total embarrassment followed by a need (not instilled by myself) to move my body the way I never thought it could bend.

(I must corect something really quickly... Jonas spells his name Jones but it sounds like Jonas...)

The Mantovane family was at it agian! Up late talking when low and behold Jones gets home, but he wasn't alone... dun dun dun! He had brought with him a young 25 year old Italian by the name of Evian (how ever you spell it... Jones don't mock me, I know I can't spell Italian names!) when he entered the house he shook everyone's hand to be polite but was only looking at one person. As he shook my mothers hand I could tell he was staring at me... What do I have pesto in my teeth? I ask as I quickly drag my finger across my teeth to check. Nope. Okay then what the heck is he looking at? My mom i guess saw this and asked him to teach me how to dance (I guess she forgot about the handsome young man in Utah I'm mad about) .... I was in my pajama's at that point (a slim extra large polo shirt in green and white strips) and when I started dancing my mom told me to go change, it was kind of like this (only a bit more explicit), "Q you're showing more then you want to these young boys." Sometimes I'm glad people don't speak English. so after getting some shorts on Evian taught me some dance moves.... boy am I glad I had shorts.

So his lesson began off fairly simple... slow slow quick quick slow.  Then he turned to me and said, "I can tell you do ballet you have a good walk." Good walk, Good walk? what was he talking about?And then he continued, "It's very controlled, very sexy." He did not just say the s word. I tried to ignore the comment but it inhibited my ability to dance. instead of being a "natural" distance, I'm sure I had the standard works fitting comfortably between us. I think he got sick of that so he said, "Look you have the passion but it is hidden. Think of a handsome man and dance like you're dancing for him." Oh boy I wanted to turn to him and straight out confront him (not to be mean but boy I can think of the hottest man ever and he ain't you... lets Tango!) So I kinda let loose and started to think about this super handsome young rugby player from Glendale. It worked.

I would describe in detail what he made me do but I'm sure everyone has seen take the lead and shall we dance... yeah it was interesting. Bishop I have a confession to make, I participated in Tango, forgive me for I have sinned..... I'm warning you people!!! Tango is dangerous!!!


  1. Q, it's Emily! Reading your blog makes me so jealous :D You sound like you are living a dream over there in Italy. Do you just wake up every morning and think "I'm in Italy?!" This is so cool!! Your blog seriously feels like a movie and makes me wish that I was doing something like this! Good luck :)

  2. Q, you are a natural at things that invoke or involve emotion and/or art. Dance, draw, design, etc. But yes, TANGO can lead to trouble, as you have found out!! But it can be fun with the right person. Maybe Samson can study some while you are away so you don't get to far ahead of him. But whit whom would HE study while you practice with Jones??? Hey, have a great time! And don't worry about the growing up part. You do that just fine!!!

  3. texas-bred is Uncle Mike in case you hadn't figured out...