Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Following the white rabbit..... "I'm late I'm late for a very important date!"

So an over view of my trip to Milan during Fashion Week!!! 
-Saw YSL, Gucci, ferragamo, Prada and Versace fabric being made! We went to a private fabric factory that makes all the silks for the top Italian and some American fashion brands.
-saw a Louis Vuitton scarf being printed along with Prada and other ones that I forgot their names. They were silk screened and laser printed.
-met the concept artist of AVATAR (the blue people movie) James Lima... he was shooting a Zegna fashion shoot and we saw the models that weren't taking pictures or getting dressed (a male only fashion shoot) all huddled around a computer watching YouTube... it was rap.
-watched a live screening of a fashion show while I ate pizza.
-stood on the roof of the Milan Duomo.

-Ate Gelato as I watched the pope's sermon.
-met the salesmen for skull candy and got to see and test out Jay-Z's new line of head phones (hasn't even hit stores and you can't find it online) THEY ARE SICK!!! I think they come out spring of 2012

-saw Victoria Beckham's spring and summer line for 2012. So freaking cute!!
-and went to the biggest buyer show on earth (where designers sell there crap ha ha ha ha) the White Trade Show in Milan.

-Went inside the Armani mega store (He has his own chocolate store!!). Got hand and footed by some of the sales reps at Dior, Prada, Pucci, Versace etc.

-Visited the Milan Fashion Campus (hopefully I can go there for my 3rd year)

-And last but not least Talked to Selene Giorgi for an hour about Fashion and Art and was told to keep in touch.

I think that pretty much sums up the whole week.... oh and a lot of walking and sore feet and trying to get through the metro! We were constantly running around trying to make each appointment but the highlight was the White Trade Show.... I've never seen so many beautiful objects in my life. I followed the white rabbit made it through wonderland and now I've been sucked back into reality.... blah.. I miss Milan!!

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  1. Oh how i can see going to see all of this with you... to bad im not there with you!!! hahah Im so glad you had fun!!! did you get anything?!?!
    Ofa Atu!