Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adventures with sleep

Six hours of not six hours of hanging curtains. Six hours of cutting, basting, pinning (trying not to prick my fingers) and the smell of cheap muslin. Friday morning all my classmates walked in (there are 10 of us and we see each other everyday from about 8:50 in the morning to anywhere from 4-7:45 at night). The only boy in our Program... the lovely Eddie (also from Mexico) invited everyone to go out to Mexican food (yes even in Italy they have Mexican.... it's not Beto's, that's fo'sho) In order to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.
I decided not to go. I was pulling a Bruno Mars, " Today I don't feel like doing anything I just wanna lay in my bed. Don't feel like picking up my phone cus today I swear I'm not doing anything. Nothing at all!!!" And I'm pretty sure I was the most unproductive I've ever been. I sat and watched three hours of music videos. I guess it was my way of coping with the knowledge of  "oh crap! my mom was right... This was going to be hard! Man can't wait to have my own house.... psh."  I don't know why I couldn't go to sleep but I felt like a zombie just not really awake but trying to sleep. So I stared at the ceiling for a bit... it's not as amusing as my popcorn ceiling (I can find pictures in the odd ways the paint was put on). It is as interesting as a blank piece of printer paper.... I tried imagining an albino in a snowstorm getting chased by a polar bear but then my mind turned it into a nice horror scene. All I could think of was Star Wars and Luke getting shoved into that Tauntaun in the Empire Strikes back.... Ewww lovely Images, yeah didn't sleep well got chased by Hans Solo (he was trying to shove me into a polar bear).
When I went to school the next morning I felt like just jumping up on the table and using my backpack as a pillow and my muslin as a blanket but no... we had three skirts we had to make from scratch. 
Ms. 57, no offense but (actual yes I mean to offend you), YOU SUCK! You don't hold still and when I tried to make you taller you fell off your pole... Thanks my trusty manikin. If you find me cheating on you with another designer's manikin don't be surprised, you brought it upon yourself.
Apparently I wasn't alone in my need to sleep. During lecture and demonstration I was sitting there trying to take notes when suddenly my eyes got heavy (I tried to keep my eyes open but class was going just sooooo slow!). In Inception they called it a "Kick" yup I got one. It was kind of where my head fell off my up propped hand and my eyes suddenly shot open... How much had I missed???!! Oh okay she's still drawing the hem line... wait she's still drawing the hem??! Come on!! I looked around the class to see if anyone had see me fall asleep... nope not a single person. Most of the class was nodding off as well. 
Wow you guys must have partied hard, GO MEXICO!... or been chased by Hans Solo too! I hate polar bears now.
When my mom and I got stuck in the Paris Airport for almost two days, we were riding on the metro and I had the isle seat. I was soooo tired and the rocking motion of the train was not helping. I tried to do everything to stay away: pinch myself, slap my leg, bite my cheek. It didn't work. All I remember is suddenly feeling like I was falling and when I opened my eyes I realized my head was almost in some stranger's  *cough* ummm Lap... yeah that's it. He was sitting across the way from me. I looked up at him and he was wearing a look of shock mixed with utter horror... I looked to see if anything was on the ground hoping I could get away with 'dropping' something but nope....  how do you say, "I swear I'm not a hooker," in french?

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