Sunday, August 28, 2011

ciò che è in un nome con il quale...una Q significa Q

So growing up with two different names can be kinda tricky!

McQuiston, most of the people I meet and almost all of my teachers have struggled with it in some way or another. So I go by Q. (Facebook doesn't believe it's a real name so I can't change it to just the letter Q) Yes my dad was a Treky and Yes, he named me after the next generation's omnipotent being (you used to be able to look up Q on Wikipedia & find God on the bottom of the page)(oh and did you know that Wikipedia is now part of the English language and MUST BE CAPITALIZED... geez spell check!)

When I got into Jr. High I started loathing the first day of school because it meant a whole lotta one thing... explanation. It would go something kinda like this:

Mac-Q-ston Stoddard?

It's Mic-Quis-tin I go by Q.

how do you spell that?

(How does it sound like it's spelled? Really? You're teaching?) Just with the letter Q (Okay sure you can spell it Kiu, Que, Queue, Kue, Ku, chu're preference)

Just the letter?

(Did I not just say that?) Yeah just the letter.


(No you're being punked by MTV with my help) Yup pretty much.

How'd you get your real name though?

(Oh so just because you like my name you want to know my whole life story?? Well when a man and a woman fall in love and get married you see this funny thing happens...) It's my Grandmother's Maiden Name.

How'd your mom pick that?

(Same way your mom named you... unless your name is Imma Lou Sir, then your parents just hate you)Because my dad wanted to name me Q so she figured that would be the only way he got his wish.

So you go by Q?

(Really? should I save myself the trouble and just hit you now?)Yup

Wow that's unique!

(Yeah try siting in algebra when the teacher is using Q as the variable and asks the class "So what is Q?" and they all say "A girl!")

So what does this have to do with anything? Well... I was asked my name in front of all the 3rd year students attending school in Florence by a professor and in the words of Aaron Carter... it went a little something like this (minus the na na na na nana's)

( I was the last one to introduce myself) And your name is (as she takes a drink of water)

Q(She chokes on her water, I can hear the girls around me snickering and laughing and asking "Is she forreal?")

(No you catty imbeciles {Only those girls that made fun of my name} I'm a secret agent working for the government as a US-CERT agent and i'm planning to come to Italy to diffuse a nuke and save your butts... which are you going to believe? I'm overly sick and Tired of people not believing me) Your name is Q? How do you spell that?

with a Q (girls in the background still laughing... it's okay lets see who's laughing when you're working for me! You don't see people laughing at Alexander Wang for having the same last name as Vera Wang do you??!)

Oh wow that's different... I bet the Italians have a real hard time with your name.

(not really... Thankfully they have a Q in their alphabet)

Well Q it's nice to meet you.

Looks like the first days of College aren't much different than the first week of high school. Oh well.... A girl named Q can always hope right?

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  1. Haa. Well, at least not everything has changed. :) Great story! Can't wait to read more....

    What's the city like? Food? Church?