Monday, August 29, 2011

chiesa e imparare ad amare Cristo

WARNING: RELIGIOUS CONTENT (These are my opinions and I am not forcing my views or ideas upon anyone. You are free to belief how where and what you may. If you care to read, you may do so as long as you do not critic my beliefs or force your own. Thank you for understanding)

The view from my apartment is the famous Santa Maria Novella, painted by the very hands of Michelangelo. I am in a city where there are churches, chapels and baptistries everywhere you look. Although these buildings are beautiful there is one place that I found a perfect refuge. The LDS Church in Italy is very different from the LDS Church in Utah. One thing I realized they did differently, is the sacrament. I remember reading in the Book of Mormon how Christ told the people that the Apostles and those in high positions must be served the sacrament first. In Utah everyone just goes at the same time but in Italy, they actually wait like soldiers standing at attention waiting and watching as their beloved bishop and counselors partake of the bread and water first. Oh and Relief Society was delightful. 10 women whose whole beings burst with knowledge and understanding and the desire to share. I can only imagine that a better discussion would be held by Ancient Greek Philosophers. I received my first Italian Book of Mormon and was promised that if I read it then I would learn the language much quicker. I'll take my chances. It was an extremely spiritual experience as I listened to a sister talk about the church she said, "This church isn't the only church but it is the church of Christ. This church isn't the only church but it will be the one that lasts forever."

The rest of the day didn't feel much like Sunday because I was forced to meet my fellow Students and take a tour of the city. I must say the bike tour that Gaby(My Roommate) took me on was much more interesting. Staring at Prada, Rocci, Armani, and The Gucci stores all day.

I want to share with you something truly amazing I've realized about the Atonement recently. The Atonement is not only for those that transgress. It is a form of healing in any sense of the word. It heals from Anger, Disappointment, Sorrow, Grief and Heartache. It has been such a blessing in my life and especially at this time. I will be honest, I have prayed long and hard to know if a testimony of the atonement could only be found by succumbing to temptation. I felt like many of the people I know had already found a firm testimony of the atonement and I was, like the foolish man, standing on unsure ground. God knows the experiences we must have in order to gain understanding. It will never be when or what we expected but He will always answer. I know this because He answered my prayers. I understand and know the Atonement now and I know Christ's Love. My understanding may not be perfect (complete) but it feels pretty close.

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  1. Coming to understand that the Atonement is universal and infinite, and can heal hurts and pain, not just the consequences of sin is a major step, Q. Many don't really learn that till much later in life and some never get there. Even when we feel alone, inadequate, or confused, we can find comfort and healing and solace and guidance in the Atonement. It is a power beyond description and a gift beyond compare. It will be fun to watch you learn and grow while you are in Italy. I read the Agony and the Extasy a long time ago, about the life of Michaelangelo. What a magnificent man he was. And so were his Italian peers, Leonardo Da Vinci, etc. What a blessing for you to be in Italy with all that artistic and creative history and characters. Enjoy, but only to the limit, not beyond. :-) All the best.