Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sweet Answers

I have realized something. I no longer wake up in the morning and sigh in amazement from the fact that I am in Italy.

That needs to change.

Today helped. This past week I was the sickest I can remember ever being. Everything hitting at once! WARNING TMI IN THIS NEXT PART: It was even the first day of the time of the month when mother nature likes to remind me that I can give birth.... Oh am I PREPARED AFTER THAT!!!) I was puking, headache, felt like I had just ran a marathon and my knees burned like they were trying to remove themselves from my body. I couldn't cry I was in so much pain! On top of all this I had to make -- what I thought at the moment -- a critical career choice.

Knitwear or sportswear.

What's the difference one might ask... well one has to do with all fabrics woven (and Jersey) the other with all fabrics non-woven. So I decided I'm going to grow up to be a typical cat lady. I'm thinking like 30 cats give or take a few... depends might not need to replace any if we get hover crafts by the year 2044. So yeah, I chose Knitwear. I like it though. I hope to take a new spin on math with it, that's something to remind myself: The constant obsession with fashion DOES NOT, IN FACT, DESTROY BRAIN CELLS!!! I was planning to go into sportswear after going to ISPO in Munich and meeting the people behind some of the biggest snowboard brands. Now..... I'm thinking maybe some hats? Everyone likes a good knitted hat....

Armani... sportswear.... dior.... sportswear....prada... yup you guessed it! SPORTSWEAR! oh well I'm going to try to be different for "once" and do something that scares the crap out of me. So back to the story....

I was sick, blah blah blah. Had a choice, blah blah blah... decided on knitwear blah blah blah.... woe is me.

There is this other stress that has been getting to me a lot and it's near the end of the month and oh so close to the end of my budget. I feel like many can relate to this one. Having only a couple of dollars in your pocket and wondering if you print out that project or eat... yeah. It was one of those weekends too. I was happy at least to know that throwing up made my hunger go away... go figure. I have all kinds of new insights on the term "starving artist."

Today was the first day I actually ate (since Sunday). The cute little old lady I live with (Ana), was kind enough to let me eat the rice she had made the other day. It was SOOO GOOD!!

I went to school around 1:00, and since I'm on winter break and got nothing better to do, I decided to knit a scarf.  It was extremely ugly, but fun to make! The Lab closes at 6:00 so after finishing the scarf, I bought paper for my project (a 9 euro hole in my pocket that could have been tuna and crackers for a couple days) and prayed on the way to the printing place that I would still have enough money for the rest of the week.

I have printed at the same two places the whole time I have been in Milan (one is a friend from church and the other is nearer to school). The print store SEF to be exact, printed my pages and the guy said I could take them free of charge since there were only a few. I am pretty sure my jaw dropped. He has done this with another project of mine... but that one was a 30 euro final project that he said I could just pay whenever.

I left the printers in shock, feeling very blessed. Did the blessings stop, no. When I got home I took out my pasta and started cooking when my Church Family (I have adopted them since they love to feed me 5 kilos of food because I don't know how I gained that much weight haha) called me up and invited me over to dinner. I kindly declined, but within a few minutes the doorbell rang and Valentina (The Mom) showed up with two sacks full of groceries. A sweet lady (Teresa) from my church had bought them for me. Knowing how much stuff costs here...  That must have cost a lot.

a container of Nutella
tuna fish
a loaf of sandwich bread
Breakfast Cakes (one of the things that Italians LOVE)
three cans of corn
a bag of salad greens
a pre-made soup mix (for two)
My favorite Italian style meat
Cream cheese
Cheese only made in Italy and is the BEST with tuna fish and crackers
A box of cereal
And three dark chocolate Kit-Kat bars!

It was Christmas all over again! And I could almost hear Heavenly Father saying.... "Hey, I'm here. And there are people who love you dearly. " 

After feeling so physically sick (and mentally exhausted from this last semester) this was a true lift to my spirits. Women who impress me are the ones that have a keen eye and can notice when someone needs help. I hope to embody that trait someday. After the many rich blessings I have been given... isn't it my duty to pay it forward?

Oh charity your expression is infinite in the heart of a receiver.

I have been so extremely blessed this year, and can't show it enough how thankful I am for a Loving Heavenly Father! No matter how many stupid choices I have made... I am still being blessed everyday with breath. So tomorrow, I will wake up and say to myself, "WOW! I AM IN ITALY! What a great blessing that is."

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Its been a while...

It is weird, being back, I mean. Waking up to church bells, being surrounded by clown cars (and the occasional random jeep or other 'monster' sized car), and getting harrassed by foreigners, yet I feeling oddly back in my comfort zone.

New York was amazing! I met fantastic people from all walks of life! 

School was difficult, and so was work.
Fulltime student and part-time job with hours of a full time employee; that made life really hard. 

But I learned so much from my job. And the people there! Shout out to my Allsaints family! Thanks for surviving my bossy side! It was there that I learned the meaning of teamwork. If everyone ain't working we all leavin' at one... Right?? 

I was living in Harlem for the second semester, right off the 1 train up on 25th.
It was there that I saw the secret life of Walter  Mitty being filmed (got a glimps of Ben Stiller!) but I never called or will ever call that place home. I don't think my roomates liked the fact that i would get home anywhere between 3-6 in the morning just to shower take a nap and start again. But its not like I wanted to... I like sleep, a lot!

My major is not one where you simply read from a book to study for a test... No. For one class you must read, write notes (pray those notes make sense), make a mock version of the test, preform the test through application of acquired skills then present a project with 'inspiration' and sketches. That, that is just the final... But we did that almost 3 or 4 times a semester... For only one class.

Time? Yeah, not my best friend at the moment. But this blog isnt about my life in New York... Its about Italy.

So now comes the quick over view of this semester....

It came and went.

Okay okay so my focus for this semester was knitwear design.... That threw me for a loop... Haha pun!

I had some really amazing professors this semester but that doesn't surprise me. Here in Italy I get teachers from all over the world that LOVE to teach! Not just people who wound up in New York couldn't find a job so wound up teaching and hold such a strong grudge that it is their purpose in life to make sure you feel worthless. (No comas intended) The professors here are in fact...  First Class!

At the moment I am on my winter break... Yea in February and for only two weeks. But... IMMM BACKKK!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

coming home....?

My mom once promised that if I ever left for college that I would always have a room in the house, because when she left for college her room was turned into a storage area or something of the sort.

Well....  my bedroom wasn't really turned into an exercise room or home theater room or storage area or sewing room... nope it was just given to one of my sisters. Having a house with only 4 bedroom... two sisters have to share, inevitable.

So I arrived home... after a long 10 months in Italy. Yeah I was expecting a bed or area cleared for me so I could "move in" for the summer... but I came home to: "well you can sleep on the couch or share with hunter (who took your old bed and turned it into a king-sized bed)."... I opted for King sized (even though hunter's alarm would go off at 5 and she wouldn't hear it for about half an hour)... it was weird being home the first day. Almost seemed like everyone was more excited for the presents than the person coming home... but I can't blame them. I was the same way when my dad used to go on  business trips.

Well after a week of kinda waiting around for a place to put my newly acquired art crap... I kinda just had a freak out moment and took the extra bed from hunter's room and moved in with Kelsham my youngest sister. and just shoved all my stuff into a cubby underneath a makeshift desk in her room.

Kelsham has found that reading is a little bit harder for her... it has been fun, instead of the usual bedtime stories, to get her to read to me before bed. She even went to the extent of Reading the Book of Mormon before bed... her choice...  I asked her after she read a couple versus what it meant. She replied, "I don't know I was trying to hard to read it." I laughted to myself and said, "Don't worry, it's not just you." She also kindly reminds me that we need to pray before bed and then forces me to say the  prayer. It's been fun sharing a room with her... although I'm sure she loves the fact that if she makes a mess, i'll clean it up, more than having a big sister to fight away the monsters at night.

I still don't have hangers... so my clothes are kinda just sitting in an organized pile on the floor. Ahhh wrinkles... how depressing you are... ha ha ha

Saturday, January 28, 2012

What if God was one of us?

sorry this one is late... THIS HAPPENED IN JANUARY/FEBRUARY.... just forgot to publish

 The song "what if God was one of us" by Joan Osborne makes me take a good look at my life. I ride the bus a lot, now that Firenze is beyond the cold of what Utah could ever be (don't think that is possible... trust me it's humid snowy and chills to the bone and I don't have all my Utah coats). When I'm on the bus I look around and I hardly see a smiling face, it is quite depressing. Today was a day that I will never forget:

I woke up at 5:00 this morning to go to the Questura (aka police station that looks like the DMV) So last time I went there (to get half of my permit of stay) they opened at 6:00 in the morning.... so I figured I'd go early so I could get it done and then go take an Italian test on possessive past verbs (I still don't understand) and then go home and sleep after a VERY late night of study. So I woke up put on a pare of 200 thread count tights (pretty much really thick leggings) two- what I thought were warm- shirts and my coat, the hat my mom made me and a pare of leather boots and red leather gloves and went to wait for the bus.

It was quiet and I watched the traffic lights change as little flecks of snow started to drift towards the ground. It was the most empty I had ever seen Florence. A few minutes later the magazine stand opened and trains started to pass in the distance and soon my bus arrived. Two other people sat on the bus with me. I quickly got off the bus looked at my watch and rushed to the police station. 15 past and a line had already started. I got in line and started to wait... and then wait and then wait. I looked at my watch and found that only ten minutes had passed. The snow was starting to get heavy and was leaving flecks of white in my hair, but it was hard to examine the beauty of each snowflake when the feeling in my hands and feet were starting to turn into a painful numbing sensation. It was so cold and so painful and all I could think about was the fact that the building would open any second. I would think to myself just one more minute and when that one minute passed I would start all over again. I finally turned to the lady in front of me and asked when it opened, she said "alle otto mezzo." at eight thirty?!?!? No way! I thought to myself. I looked at my watch it was 7:30... 20 minutes of trying everything in my power to not just walk away and find a warm place, suddenly the line started to move. When I presented my passport and tried to explain to the officer that I had not received a SMS (text message) from them, he started yelling at me, because I didn't have a SMS. I tried my best to explain that I didn't have it but he wasn't listening so he decided to try and yell louder at me. I just looked at him and let him yell all he wanted. When he had finished I held up the paper print out of the computer screen that had said my Permit of Stay was ready to be picked up and then I pointed to the word SMS and said, "non c'รจ." He indignantly told me to wait and snatched my passport out of my hands and went into the back. I couldn't help but just burst into tears. My hands and feet ached from being frozen, I was coughing and couldn't breath because I was trying to fight one heck of a nasty cold and now I was being told to go home after waiting almost two hours in the snow and loosing precious sleep!?!? no, not cool. I had a good cry for a minute then wiped my tears and waited with a furious determination, if he didn't let me in I would punch him (not really but it made the situation seem lighter). When he came back out he apologized and looked very remorseful. He said that the Questura had forgotten to send me the text... great. and then he told me to come back at 12.

I left feeling better because I left the mean man feeling bad for yelling at me, but he should have felt bad! He was rude! I could barely walk I was so cold and my feet hurt so bad but I managed to make it to the first cafe I saw on my way to school. I slipped in ordered a hot chocolate sat down and studied for Italian. I left for school after I finished my hot chocolate. The bus ride was normal and after that morning I felt like I could endure just about anything. I walked up the giant (and i mean giant... 5 minutes of working my calf's to death) hill that leads to school and asked my teacher if I could take the test early so I could get to the police station and get my PDS. She agreed and told me I could start the test at 10 so that I could finish while my class was coming in. I sat on the heater at school and studied for a little bit until 10. Then doom.... I've had a habit of not getting the greatest grades in my Italian class (for the reason that the class right after Italian, the teacher had told me she was going to give me a C- and I'd have to really prove to her I wanted a B... I had to put all my time and effort into that class so the rest of my classes seemed to take a hit) I was nervous but much more confident that I was going to get a better grade than I had for the whole previous semester. I finished in no time and then ran back to the Questura, I got there at 11:30 and got in line... you are not going to believe this... They told me to come back at one. I was not going to go all the way back to the villa (one of the campus's for school) so I sat and read. At 1:00 on the dot I was back in line, got my number and then sat down to wait.

I realized something funny as I sat there. On the board they were asking for letters A, B, and C. I looked down at my ticket and saw: F15. "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!" I screamed in my head. I looked at the board again, letter A had just passed the 200's and B was in the 30's and C had just started. I went up to a police officer and asked what time they would start calling F, he said at 2:30. Oh okay.... I only have to wait an hour and a half. So I sat back down and started to talk to a woman by the name of Joy. She was from Nigeria and had been in Italy for 12 years working as a nanny and a cook. A man from Morocco over heard us and joined in. He heard my story of what had happened that morning and couldn't believe his ears the woman had been there the same amount of time I had and her number was A221. At 2 all the windows closed for a break. They didn't open again until 2:45 oh and guess what they didn't start calling F or A until 3:30. During that time we eventually got on the subject of religion, The man was Islamic and worshiped Allah but we agreed on one subject... we worship the same God. We Worship in different ways with different names but he is the God of Abraham and Isaac.

I eventually got my PDS around 4:30  that day. But I got something more out of that day as well... I learned that God will send angels to make your day better... Joy and the Islamic man were my angels... they taught me that we sometimes just have to put up with crap in order for better things to happen... I felt like I was going to freeze to death, fail a test and never get my PDS.... but I got through the day without any missing parts, got the 3rd highest score in the class and was a legal resident of Italy.... I also realized what I would ask God if I met him on the street.... and it wouldn't be a Question.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome home.....

Have you ever stepped into heaven? If you are reading this I know you're alive so I don't think you have, but I'm sure you have felt what it is like to find heaven on earth. I've experience this feeling many times, either when I see a beautiful view, hear a sweet tune, study religion, etc. Often it can be hard to find a heaven on earth when you feel like you're stuck in a purgatory called "no heating or lighting."

So what is a home? Isn't it a place you go to seek refuge from the world and all the people in it? Isn't it supposed to be full of love and laughter? I have slowly found that while I have been in Italy, none of the previous have seemed to exist... I often would dread coming home knowing I didn't have a place were I could study (and do it efficiently) and didn't have certain things that I was so used to having in America. Slowly my level of work started to drop and I could see that with this my desire to do my best in all aspects started to fade.... and that's when, it happened.

I had a feeling one day at church... almost equivalent to that feeling one gets right before they go up to talk in front of the congregation and testify of what they know. I was counting the seconds until church would be over as I gripped the edge of my chair. As soon as the final prayer was over and the Bishopric removed themselves... I jumped up. I don't know how else to explain it but I just kinda walked up to this lovely lady, asked if she was still looking for someone to live with her. She said yes and I said I'd like to come look at her home....

That night I visited her home, She showed me around, we talked and drank hot coco... Apart from the many English quotes, religious pictures and beautiful objects that filled this woman's home, she had a piano!!! Oh how I have longed to sit at a piano again! It's been two very very long years since I've had a piano that close! But I do have to say that the best thing that was in that home, was her... she is kind, loving and agreeable and I couldn't be more thankful for her charity in opening up her home.

The next few months are going to fly by!!! Some days I wished they would go by faster so I can go home, but now the days won't seem so long, now that I've found a place that is the epitome of "Welcome Home."

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christ said turn the other cheek..... Okay but I keep turning the wrong one!!

Christ said turn the other cheek. Okay but I keep turning the wrong one!!! Italian greetings 101... To the right first! Because everything on the left, ain't a box, it's a mess!
In Italy the common curtsy is to kiss everyone... not like a big tongue lashing - let me finish my last string of spaghetti with you or hey if I was a tulip and you were a tulip I'd put our tulips together~ no no no... just a cheek meets cheek meets other cheek (and not like that... get your mind outta the gutter!)
You want to know what is really really really bad?? When you greet a dude and have his cologne choke you to the point where you can taste it. Seriously if you have to wear that much... maybe you should invest in a shower-- could save you some money so you're not spending all your doe trying create an electron cloud with your cologne!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Murphy Special!!!

So I bet everyone is wondering how my Christmas in Ireland was right?!?! Lets just say it was AMAZING!!!!

To start off Let me introduce the family: The Murphys... aside from having the most common name in Ireland besides Guinness, they are far from ordinary... just put extra right in front and yup that's them. I've known this family for what seems like forever... still remember the first time I met the boys, and visiting everyday after school. They had a giant box of legos and as many Nintendo/GameCube/PlayStation games imaginable! (Go Pokemon!) Coming and seeing them after seven years and finding out that only thing that has changed drastically is the boys now have beards. Grant is the Eldest and was constantly working hard on his 3D animation on the coolest computer I've ever seen... but his stuff is amazing (he did get me into Saints Row 3)! Lorcan the youngest got me addicted to Dark Souls.... yes I freaking love that game.... by the way Lorcan, have you gotten pretty far, did you get the lightning claymore?

I arrived on Christmas-eve and I have to admit I can't remember a whole lot because that previous week I had about 3 hours of sleep per night (I do think we went into Stevens-green and I almost had a shopping breakdown.... Irish fashion... that's where it's at!). The first days were full of traveling and shopping and other exciting adventures. Christmas day I slept past 1... 2nd time in my whole life... Opened a package my mom had sent me and the presents the Murphys had given me, got a lot of fun stuff and in the evening there was a delicious Christmas feast with Turkey and spiced beef and ham and potatoes and other delicious things and a Doctor Who Special that was jaw dropping. That was also the day I got addicted to minced pies... I had at least two everyday while I was there... that's when you know something is sooo good, it's bad. The day after Christmas I was lucky enough to go to an Irish Rugby match because.... A very special someone gave me a very awesome rugby hoodie for Christmas and I was wearing it and someone noticed and asked if I was a Rugby fan... Hmmmm, does knowing the basics, enjoy watching it and having a boyfriend that plays make me a fan??? Idk... I said yes and was invited to watch Leinster vs Ulster match live... Leinster won!!! woot woot it was like 42-13 if I remember correctly. The next exciting event would have to be the pre new years party....

To sum up this party.... one girl... me.... at about 12 guys (give or take) and a whole lot of thunder-ducking.... what,  you ask, is this thunder-ducking??? Honestly...I don't know but to explain what it might be...  the strange phenomenon when an epic game of jenga (33+ pieces up) that defies physics, ends in a mannerist post modernist Impressionistic masterpiece of ... not quite art... art. lets just say we ended up just playing building blocks then talking art.... these were college students and no I was not babysitting. That was a fun night... only one strange and I mean very strange part.... I got proposed too... I can't remember what I said, I think it was something along the lines of star wars or batman and my secret nerdiness.... shhhhh don't tell. when some guy turned to me and said, "were getting married." I said, "sorry I have a boyfriend." he said, "I don't care, we're still getting married. If religion is an issue I'll convert... we're getting married." I just rolled my eyes and tried the best to ignore it.... I'm sure our convo almost went exactly like this...
"What are my chances?
Not good.
You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?
I'd say more like one out of a billion.
So you're telling me there's a chance... *YEAH!*"
Towards the end of the night I casually asked Lorcan what the guys name was... Oh the Irony when he said: Samson K______, or Sam K. for short. I fell off my seat laughing my head off and couldn't get up!!! Lorcan asked why I was laughing and I said... that's my boyfriend's name!!!! really what are the chances... One out of a billion?? When I couldn't handle the guy anymore Lorcan turned to him and said, "Man you're being a totally Grinch..." (go bigbangtheory Christmas Special!) only he didn't quite say Grinch (Thank you Lorcan!).. Day after, Sam K. called and apologized. Apology noted... but marriage is still out off the question.

So other adventurous things... spent about everyday at a pub... quite an experience for an experienced non drinker. New years Eve was awesome!! Fish and chips on a bridge watching fireworks and screaming happy new years at the top of my lungs then going into an Irish pup and singing a pub song and the top of my lungs then realizing... shoot it's 2012... sooooo I've got "12" months to live right.... PARTIEEE!

I saw some amazing sights in Ireland... walked a lot and saw a color green that was greener than anything I had ever seen before. Saw a full rainbow out in the middle of the ocean and stood on a small mountain that over looked a good part of Ireland. Cindy the mom really stepped in for those couple weeks as my proxy mom... she was amazing... we shopped til we dropped even though most of it was inspiration shopping :) and she gave me some wonderful words of wisdom and life lessons. David the dad went from looking like Santa to shaving down his white beard... I did miss the santa look but I enjoyed his company too! He is a brilliant man and I learned sooo much about the history of Ireland and about each place he took me too.

I can not express the gratitude that I have for people to offer me so much with nothing in return. It is hard being a student living on your own and it's a different challenge trying to do it in a new country, but people like the Murphys reminded me that when you come from hostility, hospitality is just that much sweeter. I can't explain how nice it was to not think about making dinner, coming home from a long cold day and getting into bed to find someone having put a hot water bottle under the covers to make sure the bed was nice and warm, having people that wanted to spend time with me.... round-trip to Ireland 75 euro, round-trip bus fair to air port 15 euro.... being with the Murphys... Priceless :) and that was just a quick summary!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

hidden betty crocker???

Okay so I had to improvise a bit with the recipe my mom gave me.... I made pancakes yesterday morning with a lot of altering to the recipe half of the ingredient don't exist in Italy.... like vegetable oil... yeah right! I even started making British style eggs and now I have mastered the unmasterable.... I have baked a full on cake..... that's right... and I didn't even mean too! I guess it was just a little experiment of mine :) I used corn oil, less milk some butter and lots more sugar and put in some coco powder and bam!!!! it was a miracle!!! hmm for never having made either pancakes or cake.... I'm quite happy with myself. I do remember the keylime pie I once tried to make some two or three years ago.... sad day. Next I'm gunna try some traditional Italian dishes... maybe even risotto??? Okkkkkay... so yeah I have cooked before... but nothing to this extent! A cake... come on.... I thought I would only have to do that once I had kids and was demanded to do such.... "here have your cake and give mom some piece and quiet." ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Suite Suit

Imagine wearing a piece from the new Dior autumn/winter line, Ferragamo Pumps and clutch, and a killer pair of Dolce and Gabbana shades. Then imagine stepping out of a Ferrari Scaglietti (in black) and being ushered to your suite in a five star hotel on the river bank of Florence called the St. Regis. Sometimes I wish that was me, but sadly I was only a spectator.
One of the people I share an apartment with is a dance instructor and he invited me to watch a show case at the St. Regis hotel. It was shocking to see a place that beautiful. Gold, expensive fabrics, and paintings galore!! I walked into the ballroom and was even more stunned with what the women and men were wearing. Flowy fabrics and styles inspired by the 20's flapper girls and the 30's Hollywood glamor. It was when I was watching these women twirl and spin that an amazing realization hit me. The movement of the body can either enhance a garment or be enhanced by a garment. I know teachers can tell you this over and over again but then again Goethe said it best, "In the end we retain from our studies only that which we practically apply."

When the dancers stopped and the music turned to a lull of sound I decided to leave. On exiting the hotel I saw a larger man in an ebony suit with spit polished shoes. He had short white hair and was sporting not only diamonds and gold on his watch but I'm sure if he had any cavities they would have been capped with the same. All I could think was.... It's the Godfather! I was tempted to run up to him, kiss his ring then beg him to fund my fashion career. But then again I'm not that gutsy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What Does Your Professor Do?

In high school seeing your teacher outside of class is like finding out that the tooth fairy doesn't exist- scratch that - It's like finding out that the tooth fairy is really just a hairy fat guy in a tutu.... unpleasant.  "You mean teachers have lives?! They don't sleep under the desks and eat chalk?"   "No, they are just like you and me, they eat sleep, go to movies and have lives. Sometimes you can even run into them on the street.... weird right?"
In college seeing your professor outside of school is actually pretty nice. My classmates and I were invited to the restaurant of our sewing and flat pattern Professor: La Terrazza Del Principe. The walk up to the restaurant is beautiful! Big houses, tons of greenery and the leaves that are falling off the trees turns it into a wonderland of color. When we got to the restaurant we were surprised. It looked like the food should have cost more but it was extremely reasonable considering the high-end atmosphere. She showed us around the restaurant and I was surprised to find a very nice wine cellar (where one can have a romantic candle lit dinner), and a beautiful view of Florence from the garden deck.
Our professor's husband is from Sicily and made us some of the best Italian pasta I have had. One was a creamy white sauce with pistachios and the other was a red sauce with egg plant (Pasta alle Norma). The sun dried tomatoes were to die for! After dinner she brought out Tiramisu and I had some Almond Panna with chocolate. It was fun getting to eat some delicious food and it was even more fun seeing our professor run a top notch restaurant! Thank You F.I.T. in Florence!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where to turn for peace....

I've realized I'm going to stop putting warnings for religious content... and yes this one is based on religion. In the scriptures it said that the hearts of men will fail them in the last days. My roommate was taken to the hospital after passing out after a major panic attack at a church gathering. When they picked her up from the hospital I was there and they dropped us both back at home. It was just the two of us and I could tell she wasn't quite herself. She felt nauseous the whole night and we had a bit of a make shift therapy session that resulted in me rocking her as she cried. For an instant I felt like I was back home with my sisters, listening to their days and trying to help them solve the problems of the world. Sometimes we could solve them and other times only faith and time could provide answers. As I tried to comfort my roommate, I wondered if in the end I will want to be rocked and comforted as I beg to go home to my father. It is discouraging to see that her heart has failed her at this moment in her life. She feels so discouraged and alone, like I'm sure so many of us often feel in life. I tried to remind her that there is purpose to every hardship God gives us, she agreed wholeheartedly and reminded me, "but sometimes it is just so hard." I guess it is during the hard parts when we forget Christ is carrying us. I read her D&C 122.... I hope she listened. Right after this I needed a bit of a spiritual pick me up so I jumped on LDS.com and found this beautiful video... it was just what I needed after a heart wrenching and discouraging day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Candy Man better stay hecka far from me!!

Lo Zucci.... I give up spelling in Italian... and what I was trying to spell... Day 3 without sugar (Sweets in any form)... friend brought homemade lemon bar to class... and I made the mistake of walking by a gelato bar... but guess what.... I over came the temptation!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tis the season for final projects

It's that time of the year when the weather starts getting cold and you know that the season of holiday songs, festive lights and Christmas trees, is just a few weeks away. In Florence, they hang lights like banners between buildings and as you look up you can't help but feel the anticipation for the day when they turn them on. Another joy of the up coming season is the realization that final projects for classes are being started and finished. In first year semester one draping, the whole class has finished draping our final dresses and have started to cut them out and sew them. It is a bit like looking up at those lights waiting for them to turn on. I don't know how my dress will look when it's finished but the anticipation is killing me! It's incredible to think that I have pulled from my head a design for a dress, have taken hours to puzzle the pieces together (much like those who find a tangle of lights from last year and have to untangle them without giving in to the desire to just cut their way through the wires) and now get to watch as my creation 'illuminates'.  I cannot believe I am making my first draped garment in Florence...Thank you FIT!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Orange you glad I didn't eat you?

So I thought I would buy a whole bag of Oranges last week because they were on sale and I was craving something other than apples or grapes. Yeah, not the smartest choice. I tried one: Thin skin, impossible to peel, almost tasteless and had seeds! So I just kinda let them sit there.

Some things you should know: first... Everything in the kitchen is divided -- nothing is shared. Second...If it doesn't have your name on it, it's the families. Lastly.... if you forgot to put your name on it, it's gone the next day. So my fruit basket I just assumed that everyone knew it was mine, but no, you know what they say about assuming. (actually I don't know what they say about assuming but I do know what they say about assume he he he). For the past month or so I would walk in look at my fruit and say to myself, Didn't I have more plums, and did I really already scarf down all those apples? I really did think it was just me - most of the time - but when you start going through 2 bags of apples in a week, one starts to wonder....

So one day I got home from school and decided for dinner I'll just make myself an orange smoothie and not feel bad for wasting all those oranges (mind you... a full bag. aka 8 or 9) So I walk into the kitchen, try not to disturb 'The couple' aka Brenda and Bruno, head over to my fruit basket, look inside and feel my jaw drop.

At least I wont have to get my hands sticky. all but two oranges had magically "rolled" out of my basket.

I grabbed an orange and sat down at the table across from the couple. I started opening my orange peels when I realized it was quiet.... too quiet. I looked up and my gaze went straight to a large pile of orange peels. I looked at Brenda and Bruno and they both had the same deer in headlights look on their faces. In broken English and a shocked tone, Brenda asked if that was my basket. I said yes, then started laughing my head off. Brenda and Bruno didn't think it was funny. I just couldn't help it. Bruno busted out his handy English to Portuguese translator (iphone) and typed in, "WE ARE SOOO SORRY! WE'LL BUY YOU MORE!" all i could think was, great more oranges that i don't want to eat! so I tried to explain that I don't eat oranges so I typed into his phone, " I don't like oranges, so I won't eat them."

Suddenly they looked at me as if I was O.J. Simpson holding a knife. (ha ha ha ha o.j.). Brenda and Bruno looked at each other then laughed. "Oh you no eat Orange!" wait? what did you think I meant? "What you said, in Portuguese mean you won't eat us." ohhhhhhh ha ha ha ha but if you touch my apples I will! "Don't worry. I won't eat you." yet.... which reminds me....


I laughed my head off at breaking dawn.... someone tried wayyyy too hard.... I AM THE GREAT GRANDSON OF EPHRAIM BLACK... rawr and I eat u! dude, I don't care whose your dady but you need a mint, maybe brush your teeth to get rid of all that plaque, and what is with that creepy smile? Posing as little red riding hood's grandma or something..... BAWAHA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Oh and the babies eyes!!!  Jeepers creepers look at those creepy peepers.... "Don't you think it's so cute!" no, no i don't....HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just Another Local

I never get bored siting in class when I'm learning about fashion, but often the rush of school, projects and homework causes me to forget where I am. Often I find myself mindlessly walking home staring at my feet trying to remember what I need to do when I get home. But suddenly I look up for a second and can't help but gasp as I look out along the Arno river and see the lights of the city dancing on the water, and then I remember I am attending F.I.T. in Florence.

Coming from a long day at school I chanced to stumble upon a small little liberia e cafe (book store and cafe) by the name of Meykadeh. When I first walked in I saw a fantastic assortment of liquors glued to the wall with light radiating from them. At the time I only had 3 euro in my pocket and was craving some Italian Chocolate. Usually I am dubious about trying new places but I sat down at the bar and ordered cioccolate calda con panna (hot chocolate with whipped cream). The barista and co-owner, whose name I discovered to be Jan, asked me if I would like Mint, Orange, Dark, or Milk. I don't think I've ever had such a hard time decided over hot chocolate, but I went with the milk chocolate just to be safe.

We talked as she concocted my drink like a careful scientist. I discovered that we had a mutual appreciation for Rugby and the fact that she is from New Zealand, we also had a similar satisfaction in the results of the Rugby World Cup. It was nice hearing about how she came to Italy and about her new age love story that resulted in the little cafe, Meykadeh.

When she passed me the large cup filled past the rim with whipped cream, dusted with chocolate and accented with a biscotti, I couldn't help but feel like a local. I wrapped my hands around the cup watched the steam and thought to myself, "Next time, Orange."